03 May, 2016

My Top 3+1 Features of ARCHICAD 20

It's been announced! A bit earlier than expected, maybe, but the latest version, ARCHICAD 20 is coming soon and these are my top three new features:

1. Graphical Favourites 

2. The Latest CineRender Engine and 2-Point Perspective

3. A Refreshed User Interface that Supports 4k & Retina Displays

Have a  look at the new website for more details and go through the entire playlist on YouTube

What are your favourite features? Hit the comments and let everybody know!

EDIT: Make it 4 features. In my excitement, I missed what may be the most important one. Properties import/export from Excel.  It's huge!

Note to self: Next time, try and join the beta test. :D

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