01 December, 2008

ArchiCAD Searches

you can have additional searches in FirefoxVery often, the results thrown up by the archicad-talk forum's built-in search are inadequate or just plain off the mark. Seeing this thread got me thinking that if Google is doing a better job of indexing and parsing results from the forum then maybe the searches I've added to the Firefox interface with the Add to Search Bar extension are not as effective as I'd like them to be.

Of course we can always add the site:whatever.com command to the query but it's cumbersome and I almost never remember to use it. Besides if you want to search more than one site, it's pretty much useless. In other words, lazy folks like myself need easy-to-use, ready-made, dedicated, archicad search engines and that's exactly what we have here.

Try them out on the left side of this page. The first box searches the forum and the second... heck, you can read that for yourself. If there are other sources of knowledge that are useful, please hit the comments. Oh, and:
IF browser = "firefox" THEN
use Add to Search Bar extension
bookmark this page
Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) Hope this helps someone other than myself.