29 May, 2012

ArchiCAD India User Group on Facebook

ArchiCAD India User Group on Facebook was started on 27th May 2012
There are a bunch of country user groups on Facebook and, as of Sunday, India has one too.  Just 5 members in the first two day but I hope it will grow with time. Edit: Just over 50 members at the last count. I'd like it to be a few hundred at least.

Please join ArchiCAD India User Group [ACIUG] if you are, well, an ArchiCAD user in India.

There is also the worldwide ArchiCAD User Group with over 1,600 members.

27 January, 2012

Loft plugin for SketchUp

I don't have AC 15 with the fantastic new shell tool so if I've got to do some complex shapes, (mostly objects - I don't do blobitecture) the fall-back is old SketchUp.  Of course there will be lots of polygons and the process is cumbersome but beggars can't be choosers.


Have a look at the videos to see what the tool can do.