13 July, 2011

Room Stamp & Schedule

I've been meaning to modify the default zone stamp for ages and finally got down to it during down-time a few days ago. Basically, I wanted:
bT Room Stamp

  1. Room dimensions in feet or metric
  2. Ability to wrap the zone name
  3. Dividing lines instead of boxes
  4. Zone number on top
  5. Automatic scheduling of actual skirting length (default stamp does not actually take door widths into account)

Alongside, I needed a schedule scheme to list finishes in a certain way. Here is what it looks like.

For ArchiCAD 13+

The download contains the Zone Stamp as well as an XML file to import the interactive schedule scheme.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful zone stamp! Thank you for sharing. I am just wondering though how you move the zone title once the stamp is down? I seem to be able to do this on normal archicad zone stamps but once I have this one in place I can't seem to be able to move the title area of it.

Vistasp Mehta said...

Thank you. I haven't been using it of late. It broke somewhere between v13 and v17 if I'm not mistaken and I haven't had the time to find the bug. Maybe it's time to revisit.

Anonymous said...

If you do re-visit it please let me know. It was referred to me by a Graphisoft support tech as for our houses we do love seeing the dimensions how you have it set up and I am in Archicad 23 on windows 10 and for me it at least works great except not being able to grab the label after it's down.