25 June, 2011

Switchplate Object

3D View
Yesterday I finally completed a modular switchplate object that's been half-baked for many moons.  Before this, it was restricted to just 8 modules in a single line but, as of yesterday, it can have up to 3 rows of 10 modules each - which is more than what's available in most markets.

Default dimensions as well as module types are based on the Panasonic/Anchor Roma range which is the most popular and widely used one in India.

Using it over the coming weeks in live projects will tell me if there are any bugs. This image shows the object in 3D. Material options are available for switches, the plate, the circuit-breakers, indicators (on switches) and the LED night light.

What remains to be done is to see if I can change the level of detail based on MVO. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that!  At the moment, I need the detailed 3D only for schedules.

Object Interface

For ArchiCAD 13+
Download [32 kB]

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