06 May, 2017

Bottle Trap -- Free GDL Object

It's somewhat surprising that we don't have a bottle trap object in the standard library so, given that I do a fair amount of residential work where people want to see as much detail as possible, I finally got fed up of slapping primitives shapes together every time.

The object itself (for ARCHICAD v.20 onwards) is fairly simple with four common types of traps including a simple bend.

There are hotspots in 2D to adjust the diameters of the trap and the drain pipe as well as the latter's horizontal length. 3D hotspots allow stretching or shrinking of the horizontal and vertical pipes. There are reasonable max and min limits to these lengths.

The settings are relatively basic but since there aren't a lot of permutations and combinations one can have here, I think they should be sufficient. However, as always, suggestions are welcome.

Like all other objects on this blog, this one is also free.


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