11 March, 2015

Additions to the Custom Search

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Note: This post has been edited multiple times instead of starting new posts each time an addition was made.


Graphisoft US, ArchiCAD SADC, BIM6x and Patrick May's Tumblr as well as his WWA BIM blog are now part of the custom search engine, as is CJMW Architecture.

Hit the comments to let me know about useful blogs/sites that are missing from this list.

As it stands today, it is:
  1. Graphisoft
  2. ArchiCAD Talk
  3. Onland
  4. Shoegnome
  5. Self GDL
  6. Open GDL
  7. Archispectives
  8. Cadimage Blog
  9. Graphisoft USA
  10. ArchiCAD SADC
  11. Patrick May's Tumblr
  12. Eric Bobrow's ArchiCAD Training
  13. AECBytes Tips & Tricks
  14. BIM Tricks
  15. Skewed Blog
  16. Walker Warner Associates BIM blog
  17. BIM6x
  18. CJMW Architecture
  19. Bond Bryan BIM

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