30 January, 2015

Update to the Tile Objects - v2.0-18

Back in ArchiCAD 13, I'd made four objects for tiling bathroom floors and walls but, what bothered me was that they didn't have the option to make cutouts for doors and windows. It wasn't all that hard to do in the end, so I'm wondering why I put it off for so long!  Each of the new objects now supports up to ten openings and you can adjust the sizes and positions using hotspots.

These objects, which are made in ArchiCAD 18, have a consistent User Interface--which may not be the prettiest but it is a lot easier than scrolling through parameters! More importantly, they now respond to standard Model View Options wherein, their display can be (optionally) suppressed if the MVO excludes finishes.


Oh yes, they are free.

Single Colour Tiles
RGB colours or an existing surface in the loaded library

Variegated Tiles
RGB colours with user-controlled % variation or
up to 10 existing surfaces from the loaded library

Gradient Tiles
Gradient in RGB colours with user-controlled % variation

Chequered Tiles
RGB colours and/or an existing surface from the loaded library

Hit the comments if you like them or have suggestions.

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