26 April, 2014

ArchiCAD 18 coming up

It's official! We have got some details about ArchiCAD 18 and here are some of the salient new features:
  1. Maxon's Cinema4D Render comes built in. This is a huge jump over the ageing (and crippled) Lightworks.
  2. BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) support (in addition to the existing IFC)
  3. Revision Management. (What about design options. I want design options!)
  4. Direct PDF-A export which allows layer control in the output among other things.
  5. Natural Constraints that link building elements together.
  6. BIM-Cloud integration (this had been announced some weeks ago).
So now that Lightworks is gone, I have to set up my surfaces (earlier called materials) again. Should be worth it, though!

More here: http://www.graphisoft.com/archicad/archicad-18/overview/

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