23 August, 2013

Bamboo chik object - work in progress

The blinds can be translucent
I've been meaning to make this object for quite some time. Today, because I needed it so badly for the ShKo project in Karjat, I finally put my head down and did it. Didn't take much time but it still needs some bug-squashing.

Should I make an .lcf a rather than just single object because the bamboo chik material with its alpha transparency is not part of ArchiCAD's default library.  Tell me in the comments -- and if there are no comments, I'll assume nobody wants the object.

For future reference (and in case it helps someone else) here's the formula for determining the radius of the rolled up portion of the chiks:

formula for radius of a roll of material

I added a looseness factor to this formula, though, because such blinds are never very tightly rolled.


Unknown said...

Obliviously .lcf !!

We can change material also,
may most awaited object for Architects & Interior designers...

Ratna Bhirud

Unknown said...

Can you create something regarding Measurement Sheet & Abstract Sheet which is very useful for tendering & estimating with Cost?

Will send you scan copies for example & further details in e mail soon...

Ratna Bhirud

Decster said...

It would be much nicer with the material included (especially the shadows). BTW nice job, I was looking for an object like this.

Vistasp Mehta said...

Ratna, scheduling--which is unrelated to this object--is something I struggle with.

Your best bet is Eric Wilk's book.

Vistasp Mehta said...

Thanks Decster. Are such blinds commonly used in Eastern Europe?