11 September, 2011

Random Tile Object - Update

Type 2. RGB Colour with variation
As mentioned in an earlier post, I got in touch with Zahari (Zach) Dimitrov and, since then, he's uploaded a corrected version of his tile object to the depository.  However, I wanted more control over an object like this (especially for a current project) so I tried to extend it. Finding myself restricted by the parameters and wanting to remove the usage of CUTPLANE (which I'm not very familiar with), I finally decided to rewrite the entire object from scratch.  Zach is fine with this and the object will remain open-source and free to the AC community.

The only question in my head is whether I should split the single object that does many things into separate ones - each with more parametric control.  Right now, there are 6 optional tiling types and I'm thinking of making this into 3 separate objects. Additionally, I'm thinking of a chequered tile and percentage weightage for type 6. (More images after the jump).

Comments and suggestions are wanted!
For ArchiCAD 13+
Download [15 kB)

Type 1. Single RGB Colour

Type 3. Smooth RGB Gradient
Type 4. RGB Gradient with Randomisation
Type 5. Single Material

Type 6. Up to 10 Materials Randomised

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